back on the wave…

Our microwave “had been” giving us lots of problems until it finally took a dive into the deep end and would not work at all. Along came a 55th anniversary sale with $55 dollars off a $200 or more purchase and a microwave on sale for $75 off, done… The Dometic convection microwave was $198 on sale so I “had to” buy something else. I found a 50amp-M to 30amp-F dog bone for $18.95 so added that to the cart and now I can hook up the RV and run A/C when we are packing up for a trip. With the $55 off I “figure” that I got the dog bone for free and still saved even more on the microwave. It took quite of bit of cutting to fit the new oven and venting into the old opening but it came out really nice.

almost looks professionally installed
pretty fancy for our old ’99 Bounder but it’s the cheapest I could find 🙂

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