graduating from rolling turd to holly $h!t

We’ve been casually shopping for a newer RV for our next long road trip and hopefully retirement to follow soon after. We’ve been looking at Itasca Sunova 33C, Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C or Fleetwood Bounder 33C floorplans (last two are the made on the same assembly line). Despite quite a few repairs we’ve really enjoyed our ’99 Bounder so we have no reservations about buying another one. Two well priced, clean prospects slipped away from us in the current overheated RV market but we weren’t in a hurry, just waiting for the right RV at the right price.

Just after I installed the microwave on the ’99, along came an RV in the classified that we knew we had to go look at it fast. Amazingly the price was right… It wasn’t a 40% discount like our ’99 Bounder, but once we saw it we both knew this needs to be our next RV. We put down a deposit and take delivery from a private party after they get home from a grandchild’s graduation mid-May. For now it seems surreal, we should know if it was just a weird dream on the 18th of May.

We’ve been thinking about keeping the ’99 for our backroad boondocking or we might even sell it. We still have some time to decide if we would have two RV’s to maintain. We had not thought of a nick name for the new one, friends were asking if it would be Rolling Turd II and we said no way! Then one our friends suggested Holy $h!t. Since that was our reaction when Alice & I saw it, that name might just stick…

Down payment & bill of sale in hand

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