head west old man!

I could get used to these camping trips at least once a month, almost quenching my thirst for a repeat of our 2019 trip. Even getting 20 miles out of town is a welcome change! We went dry camping with four other couples south of Queen Valley which is about 20 miles east of Apache Junction, AZ. Great sunsets, a view of city lights, really quiet out here in the desert at night and great time playing games and enjoying a campfire each night. We brought the Jeep again to go riding with friends that brought their side by side UTVs. Tacos Friday night, Steak and baked potatoes Saturday night, burgers, dogs and Steak Fries Sunday night. Breakfast was such a feast, we didn’t even eat lunch each day as planned. Not sure of the destination but we have another trip in the works for sometime in March, can’t wait!

the obligatory photo of the toad and rolling turd
great sunsets each night, I forgot to catch a photo of the city lights to the west
Greg and I on opposite teams
I think Charlotte scored?
resting between brackets
Valentines weekend, the boys did much of the cooking
out on the trail for a 30 mile round trip
nearby volcanic hills
next day after the rain, getting a little dusty
The trail into camp
The desert is awesome in the winter (when it’s below 90)
catching up on social media between card games
Chris acquired a tan beard on the trail ride
Packed up & reluctantly ready to head home…

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