clearing the rat nest of wires…

I’ve been gritting my teeth every time I drive the RV into a strip mall parking lot or transition from pavement to a dirt road. With such a long overhang, I constantly hear the 7-pin trailer plug dragging on the pavement or gravel, wondering when the plug was going to get yanked out.

The lowest point at the back of the RV is that 7-pin plug, constantly dragging on any incline.
It didn’t look as bad as it’s been sounding only ground halfway through the plastic, the nuts and bottom of the bracket survived better than I thought…

There’s two extra trailer plugs with a rats nest of spiced in wires, all of that’s going since there’s an adapter for any size plug I need to plug into the 7-pin base.

Most of the wires gone, now to remove the three plugs on the receiver

Now that the RV is home, I’ve been catching up on a lot of little repairs and tweaks, this fix will end up being one of my favorites. Each time I plug or unplug the Jeep from the RV, I have to climb under the bumper to hold the bracket and push or pull the harness, sometimes in some pretty rocky, muddy or dusty locations. I’ve decided to move that 7 pin plug to the bumper where it the mount will be solid and up out of harm’s way while travelling.

Once I found a handy place above the two bars, I placed a hole for the 7-pin plug.
Not only is it handy, now the tow bars can support the cable and keep pressure off the plug with no pinch points along the tow bars.



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