I’d like one of those tasty burgers please…

Some friends decided to get in a last minute camping trip to Lake Pleasant which ended up with dry campsites the only ones left. We probably should have chosen to boondock but this offered a little creature comfort being at an improved campground. We are hoping to find some low desert locations with a little better planning later this winter. We made a trip with the Jeep and UTV’s up Castle Hot Springs road and saw a few interesting places. The most interesting part of the trip was the nightly visit by the local burros. They really took a liking to the grill with the leftover flavor of burgers, dogs and steaks! We cleaned and re-seasoned the grill a few times on this trip. 🙂

We were playing cards and these friendly folks came looking for leftovers after supper!
just passing through, they went on to visit other campsites after ours…
View of the lake from the visitor center at Lake Pleasant
Since the lake is in Maricopa County, we couldn’t have campfires a couple nights due to pollution advisories in Phoenix, out here the air was definitely clear!
Castle Hot Springs was abandoned for several years but definitely back to life with lots of guests staying here now.
Castle Hot Springs decked out for Christmas



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