a homecoming of sorts…

After two years living in our current home, we finally got the side driveway cleared and replaced the 10 foot gate with a 14 footer. From now on we can keep the RV at home so I can keep up with maintenance and make trip preparation easier.

Before and After

Due to COVID a three week turnaround on the gate became three months from approving the proposal until installation. We hoped to have the gate first so the 20′ x 20′ shed could be moved with minimal disassembly. Once I knew the gate wasn’t happening soon, I put the shed up for sale on LetGo and OfferUp. The guy that bought the shed needed three weeks to disassemble the shed which was a combination of a Versatube carport with a lean-to added by the previous homeowner. Instead of paying someone to move the shed I actually made some decent money from it.

Before/After selling the shed, I was surprised how wide the area was afterward!
It was a long, tedious 3 weeks to get the shed tore down. Lots of sprayed in foam sticking it together.


View from security camera. Plenty of space for loading/unloading basement as well as some of my crap!
Loading and unloading is so much nicer than it was parked out on the street. Now to make time for some paint and bodywork in inherited.



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