visiting the Biltmore

Using Mama Gertie’s as our base camp, we headed a few miles west to Ashville to see the Biltmore Estate. Tickets were incredibly expensive but travelling this far across the country we weren’t leaving this stone unturned. After we got inside and walked the grounds, we saw just how much work goes into maintaining an estate like this, the work done here is incredible and a lot of jobs created as well.

As we toured it, the thought that kept going through my mind, the incredible waste of wealth it took to sustain this estate as a family residence. I get that is was part of the business with all of the event that took place here, but wow the number of hungry people that could have benefited from a fraction of that is mind blowing. But the jobs created during the estates construction and sustaining it is not lost on me either.

None the less Biltmore was a place I will never forget and I don’t regret my small contribution to the jobs this place has created and the breathtaking work everyone is doing here! I’m only posting a fraction of my pictures that share the magnitude of this place, there was so much more to see than what’s in these few pictures, images that don’t do justice to the scale and beauty of this place. in fact it rivals many of the castles we saw in Europe.

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