Spring is bringing on the green…

Stopping for one night at Holly Point Campground at Falls Lake west of Wake Forest North Carolina. We got settled into a campsite and took a walk down to the lake. I had no idea how huge Falls Lake is until I checked out the maps later on. This is definitely a place come back to for a much longer stay!

While here I got a call from a hiring manger named Andrea, this is the third interview with this company. But she definitely confirmed they need to fill the position before I can start on or after May 20th. She said they will have other projects coming up and they will likely reach out then. Seems like an awesome company so I’m hopeful I didn’t scare them off with my complicated availability.

With all of the campground and interviews taken care of, we took the Jeep into Raleigh to see the capitol and check out the town. This entire area also known as Wake Forest is absolutely incredible, I was just sorry that Alice didn’t get to see it as green as I did when I was here on business later in Spring a few years back.

On the subject of green, holy cow as we came into the state park it reminded me of an Arizona dust storm but it was all green pollen from the trees that are just starting to get their leaves. There wasn’t one crevice on the Bounder and Jeep that wasn’t covered in green pollen! None the less, this was an awesome stop and I want to get here in the May-June time frame on a future trip!

Lots of space between campsites!
This photo shows a little bit of the green cloud, in person it was much thicker! At times visibility was limited much like an Arizona dust storm.
This is one of the finger shaped coves, I had no idea how many miles the lake covers, I definitely want to come back and see much more of the area.

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