feasting like a squirrel…

The great Chamber of Commerce weather continues here at Myrtle Beach but a short rain shower did sneak in with some wind and cleared up as fast as it came. Heard a big thump on the roof and once the rain passed I went out and found piece of tree branch at the edge of the roof. I went to the park office and a ranger came over with a ladder so I could check it out. I was surprised he let me use the ladder but I didn’t want either of us worrying about him tearing the roof to remove the branches. One of the branches was pretty long branch on the roof with some sharp edges, but no damage to the roof, whoo-hoo!

Last night I smoked some chicken breasts and today we are having tacos. I never understood why food tastes so good on on these trips, must be the fresh air. I just wish we could have stayed here another week. We got some more time on the beach and saw some jelly fish, first time ever for us.

A guy named Chris called to follow up on the call I had with Doug on a potential job. I told him I couldn’t start until mid-May so he said he would talk to the hiring manager and she would call me once she got a break between sessions at a conference she was presenting at. After talking about the projects I’ve worked, he repeated what Doug said about my skills being a great fit, so we will see how far this goes.

first ever jelly fish sighting for us, this one is a harmless cannonball jelly fish
treated to an awesome sunset on the way back to camp
once the sun had set, the sky actually brightened up a bit
fired up the smoke to grill some chicken breasts
came out good, Alice made some au gratin potatoes. Our 1970’s Melmac is still holding up
a short time after the rail shower, the sky was clear
I think future camper in this site is going to get a thump like we did from that tree
These landed on the roof, even with those pointy ends, not a single tear in the rubber roof!
Tacos for our last night at Myrtle Beach State Park, we’d love to spend more time here!


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