toasted in town…

We got in some time walking the beach today and went for a drive to check out the town. Turns out there’s a Jeep Jamboree which explains why I’ve seen so many waving at us. We went out to lunch at a little place that had rave reviews but we must have caught them on a bad day, I’ve never seen a burger so burnt, beyond toasted! I’ve had a few people contact me about jobs via LinkedIn during this trip, nothing particularly exciting but today a guy named Doug reached out and we talked on the phone. The job is a perfect match for me and the typical clients and the company sounds fantastic. I told him I wouldn’t be able to start until May 20th so he’s going to have one of the partners contact me and see if we can move forward on a later start date. Not sure why I let out the part about the trip we are on but, he thought it was awesome. So we will see if they write me off as a cross country RV bum.

I had been seeing a lot of Jeeps waving since we got here, it wasn’t until we went farther into town for lunch that I found out about the Jeep Jamboree. Hopefully we will get a chance to go check it out!
I’ve never seen a burger charred this bad, it was beyond crispy, it was charcoal except for a tiny bit of the center. They didn’t charge us but who in their right mind would send that out to a customer?
what better way to paint yourself as a tourist than stopping at each prop around the park?
Went over to the pier to get a different view of the beach
That’s one of the biggest flocks I’ve seen but wait!
there’s more to this flock than meets the eye, luckily nothing dropping from the sky!
a couple decided to have their wedding here today…
My lovely model showing off one of many boardwalks to keep feet off the dunes
Another tourist trap…

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