day one at Myrtle Beach State Park

Myrtle Beach State Park is awesome, driving into town, seeing the private campgrounds, I thought for sure we would be packed in like sardines. Wow was I surprised! From the moment you turn in off the highway you’re in a forest of trees, beautiful drive to the gatehouse. Check-in was great, the store and laundromat are nice, we got an ice cream bar and headed to our site. We got ourselves settled into a campsite and immediately headed to the beach before it started getting dark. After we got back to camp I fired up the pellet grill and we had some burgers and finished the evening with a campfire. Can’t wait to get some miles in walking the beach this week.

The entire park is a big change from the town around it
I see water!
I see more water!
Very roomy sites!

Alice is happy as I am to be off the highway, long drive today

Can’t beat finishing the day with a campfire






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