South Carolina line, almost to Myrtle Beach…

We made our way through Georgia to South Carolina, on our way to a week at Myrtle Beach State Park. I thought we would be following the coastline heading north from Savannah but ended up on some inland highways driving through some awesome little towns. I love the narrow roads weaving through thick woods. Once we got on the interstate way we picked up a nasty nail on a rear tire, I could hear it going tick, tick on the pavement so took a break at the rest stop at the South Carolina border. Luckily the nail was going strait across the treads, no where near causing a leak. We were back on the road by noon and only a couple more hours to Myrtle Beach State Park.

Always enjoy driving a tunnel of trees, through Georgia they went for miles between towns.
The nail looked like it was going to the inside of the tire but it was diagonal across the treads. Did soapy water test before and after pulling the nail and no leaks!




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