is there a mouse in the house?

Despite some setbacks we were able to pull off getting the rest of our grandchildren to Disneyland that had not been here yet. It would have been nice to have all six of them on this trip but that just couldn’t happen. We made it to Downtown Disney, Disneyland and the beach. While we were at Huntington Beach eating lunch, Carla & Lance’s neighbors were in the restaurant next door, came out and all of us were shocked with the timing since they were at Disneyland the same days and we didn’t see them. Quite a shocker meeting up at such a random location. We also were able to meet up with Alice’s brother and our nephew in Fontana on the way home. Definitely was a great trip and were we all worn out!

Early pass to Downtown Disney


Huntington Beach – I had taken a photo of Zoltar but didn’t get saved..
Huntington Beach
Fontana Library
Lester heckling the boys



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