not a car, not a truck, its a toad!!!


After shopping for a ton of over priced Trackers, Samurai’s and Vitara’s, we decided to go with a Jeep Wrangler. To stay under 3500 pounds we went with a ’98 TJ at 3300 pounds if the gas tank is full. I wanted all four corners with coil springs so didn’t go with ’96 or older and 2007 and newer are almost 4000 pounds with fuel.

The TJ came with a Bikini top and they gave us the original soft top
I put on the Soft Top for the winter weather when we continue the RV trip, all of the windows can be unzipped and doors taken off for open air off road ride, almost like having a UTV 🙂

With all the forest roads we go boondocking, I deciding to get a non-binding tow bar. The non-binding bar is handy when uneven road surface has the RV and toad leaning at different angles. What I really like is that I don’t have to be dead center and straight on, the bars allow my aim to be off quite a bit and then they lock fully extended when the RV pulls forward. I’m really curious how well this will all work out.

Since the RV is in Texas, I practiced hookups on the pickup.

I also don’t want to mess with braking systems so added a Demco G-Force II controller (for gas coaches), same brand as the Air Force 1 that uses air pressure from the Diesel Pusher brake system. I chose the Demco since it’s a proportional braking system that only needs a signal from the wire for the brake lights.

The brake controller is tucked up out of the way but in easy reach. There’s an off switch for when the vehicle might be sitting for a week or more. Doesn’t draw much if anything without power coming from the RV brake light to run the vacuum pump.

I’m normally about saving every penny I can and based on that I should have gone with a tow dolly. But, so many people I know warned me about trying to find space to stow a tow dolly at a campsite and the additional time of hooking the dolly back up and then hooking up the car. Then if you get into a jam, you unhook it all to back out of a no U-Turn situation and then hookup again. So time will tell if this was a wise use of money for the sake of convenience.

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