foggy time in Galveston…

With spring break underway we’ve had a hard time finding anywhere to stay for more than one or two nights. I had hoped to go to the Space Center in Houston but just couldn’t find a place for the RV other than the one night we stayed at a KOA. I found another Suzuki to look at while in Houston but it needed a bunch of mechanical work, a leaking radiator and the check engine light was on.

So we pushed on to Galveston where I was able to get an ocean side campsite for 4 nights. We had hoped to spend a couple weeks at Galveston State Park but their reservations system is down for three weeks for an upgrade, they couldn’t even take drive ups. Since we still had not found a toad we decided to try Uber/Lyft to get into town and see the sights. I had also tried to find a rental car but that just wasn’t working out with so many people in town.

This was one of the clear days while we were in Galveston but even with the fog we really enjoyed walking the beach. twice a day
Even though it’s winter, the water was really nice!
Our pellet grill/smoke, one of the best ways I’ve ever had cooking outside
Dellanera RV Park is the place we stayed, some of the closest campgrounds I’ve seen near a beach. They’ve protected the dunes on the shoreline with crossover boardwalks.

Galveston turned out to be way better than expected, we walked the beach each morning and afternoon, despite lots of fog it has been awesome here. Once we retire I can definitely see us spending part of the winter on the gulf coast. Our neighbor spends fours months at this campground each year and said we are about a week or two from the fog going away. I’ll keep that in mind for future trips this way but we really didn’t mind, probably kept the temps for our walks really nice.

Unfamiliar to Arizonan’s, that’s fog not rain soaking the front porch!

We managed to see quite a bit of downtown Galveston and did a lot of walking to reduce ride charges. We took a trolley to and from the last beach stop and turned to Lyft/Uber when we realized there were no sidewalks or safe paths to walk between there and the campground. We definitely need a toad for side trips, especially this far from town.

waiting on our ride back to the campground
sometimes you couldn’t even see the beach on the other side of the berm
awesome RV Park, I wouldn’t mind staying a month or more in the winters


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