how to bring 20,000 pounds to an instant stop!!!

Today we are on our way to Houston, staying at a local RV Park on our way to Galveston. I managed to miss the lane I needed and ended up on a the Sam Houston toll road. To make matters worse, I got in the cars only lane and could not get over. I did not see the 8 foot width sign and figured I could weasel my way through. A nine foot RV will not fit through an eight foot wide tool booth!

We came to a loud and immediate halt. A few moments later I checked the rear camera and saw traffic was actually clearing up a bit so I backed up and moved over one lane to the 10 foot wide booth. Alice already shaken up a bit really freaked when i started backing up since it was so congested a few moments earlier. Even the 10 foot wide booth was a challenge, the curbing bounced us left in front and the rear slid right like we were playing bumper pool.. We were on our way totally embarrassed and paranoid everyone was looking and laughing at us. Luckily we only have a small dent and popped a rivet on the trim strip. Thanks to Google maps I was able to get a visual of what was going on once we got to our RV site.

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