don’t know why but we’re driving north…

After checking out of our campsite in Galveston we started heading back north toward Houston. I was hoping to stop for a day or two and get to the Space Center and other sites. We weren’t planning to head north to our daughter’s until later in the month, but all of the sudden Alice had this urge to push on. After a bit of an argument, fighting the wind and heavy rain going past Houston, we ended up stopping for the night at Oak Cove Marina & Camp in Eureka Texas.

About the time we got settled into the campsite, we got a call from the nurse checking on my Mom at the group home. Mom began taking a turn for the worse and the nurse recommended heading home as soon as we can. I made flight arrangements out of DFW for the 11th and lined up a rental car to pick up at the airport tomorrow so we could park the RV to our daughter’s house and drive the rental car back to the airport to make the trip home. Our plan was flying home the second week of March for a trip with Grandkids to Disneyland. But, Alice’s intuition had us heading to Carmen’s almost a month early. After getting the call I realized it was a good thing we pushed on through the crazy storms down south. Intuition, don’t fight it, don’t ignore it…

Oak Cove Marina and Camp – Eureka, TX

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