quirky old town with a modern vibe

Due to some poor planning on our part we’ve really been winging it on finding a good time or place to stop each day (or night). We managed to find a site at the Kerrville Elks last night. After looking at the maps and timing we decided we won’t have time to get to Corpus Christie and spend any time enjoying it. So we’ve decided to head to Galveston and get farther up the coast and try for Corpus Christie later on when we have more time.  We decided to check out Fredericksburg and the LBJ Ranch before heading south to San Antonio tomorrow.

Fredericksburg is an old town that was born as an accidental settlement by immigrants that came to the US on “too good to be true” land rush. Kind of reminds me of fairly recent land deals too good to be true. Once the immigrants got to the Texas coast, they were left stranded with no place to go and none of the food and American cash they were promised once they arrived. They sold everything they had to pay for a new beginning in the U.S and arrived almost penny less. After months trying to figure out plan B, they headed north and came to discover opportunity in what is now Fredericksburg. They managed to recover financially and were able to acquire acreage to farm outside of town and a small plot in town to have a small home. The lots and homes were just big enough to spend the night when they came into town for supplies and go to church.

As old as the town and many building are, they have modernized a lot with transit, tourism, German Restaurants and micro-breweries. This was a fun and tasty stop! Since I had a lot of miles in front of me, I decided to skip on the micro-brews on this stop.


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