the Texas Whitehouse and the sparerib summit

I was a very young boy in Iowa when President Kennedy was assassinated and LBJ became President. I’ve heard good & bad about LBJ over the years but stopping at Presidential museums has been good for me to learn a little more about them, even if the information has a positive bias. I enjoyed this stop since it gave a great insight, a spin on Texas hospitality. LBJ had been hosting state level Barbecues at the ranch since 1959, the first one after becoming president became known as the Spare Rib Summit bringing to mind a recent Beer Summit. BBQ gatherings and hospitality seemed to be the big theme here. I’m not even going to touch on politics and hoping not to stir up political comments since I prefer to celebrate the good and acknowledge the bad done by every president regardless of their party. If you’re in the area I’d recommend visiting the LBJ ranch regardless of your politics.


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