we have a pending offer on the house!

After one super strange and several low ball offers, we finally got good offer worth accepting. The only bad thing is we are leaving in 3 days for Wisconsin for a family farm celebration and the buyers want to close while we are gone! We had to get the furniture we staged into storage and will have to deal with inspection repairs long distance. This sale is going to be interesting!

Since houses in our size category have not been selling very quickly, it’s been a bit discouraging at times. Knowing the farm trip was coming, Alice and I discussed putting the listing on hold to reduce the risk of having to manage a sale from 1500 miles away. We decided to roll the dice and keep the house on the market and just as I expected, a good offer came in days before we are flying out! Better late than never but I couldn’t have scripted this zoo!

We rushed to get a new storage unit for the last of the furniture, this one is air conditioned for mattresses, cushions and other stuff we don’t want in the non-air conditioned unit.
Pool table and the rest of the furniture we don’t want exposed to the heat.




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