Family time in northern Wisconsin

Our trip to the Century Farm celebration had to include a little extra time to see some things, help with the party and just hang out when we could. So we managed to fit in a few trips, ATV rides, sunsets and some great family time!

Rick & Sandy’s Farm, spent a lot of fun summers here
Took a trip to Niblett’s Apple Shed to get some fruit and a few other treats.
Stopped by a local winery, tried some new flavors…
View off the back porch, hoping to spot some bears and deer on Joe & Jane’s back porch on the old family farm.
Almost sundown, the deer should be showing up soon!
Mike & Michelle ready to head off on an ATV ride into the woods between the cousin’s connected farms.
Stopped off at a fresh water spring at the back of the century farm.
No spring would be complete without a bench, water cup and some crazy cousins…
I caught Rick & Sandee, on our stop at the Deer Blind
and this is the most incredible Deer Blind I’ve ever seen, lights, propane stove, almost nice enough to live in!
Time to get back to the house for another sunset, followed by a bonfire!



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