monsoon season is here again!

The monsoon season is back and the rains have come daily. Living away from the house while up for sale means checking on it frequently, especially after each monsoon storm clean up around the yard and check on the pool. Yesterday I had to drain the pool down after a big storm with almost 2″ of rain the day before. We got hit again with more than an inch last night. I came to check on the pool and it was almost to the top, I know we didn’t get that much rain!

I checked the auto-filler and the float has sank and letting water into the pool even though it’s full. After inspecting closer I found it was brittle, cracked with a hole on top. The storm two days ago filled the pool above the float and filled it with water. I ran to Home Depot and got a new float since the pool uses the same valve as desert evaporative air coolers. Glad I caught this now before I flooded the yard with a $400 water bill!

Pool was about 4 inches over flood stage!
Plastic does not like the Arizona heat! I should have replaced this float last year!
New float installed, seems like much thicker plastic
The water in the park is quite deep after almost 4″ of rain in 2 days!




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