the house is finally up for sale!

A job we thought would take a couple weeks blew up into almost nine months! We could have been ready much sooner but quotes showed it would have cost us north of $15,000 to have it done for us. We had family tell us we were crazy to put this much effort into a house we are leaving. But in the current real estate market, we were competing with new and flipped homes that were all prettied up with new paint, granite counters, all new stainless appliances and laminate flooring. It was a HUGE pain in the you know what but, for about $1500 and several months of sweat labor (in between trips and family events) we saved a ton.

The house goes on MLS on July 13th, we are relocated to Alice’s mom’s house so buyers can come anytime without us having to rush out or do rapid cleanups before they come. I think we made some good decisions, time will tell if home buyers agree!

Here’s my favorite of the 72 photos

A professional photographer did several drone shots in addition to doing yard photos at dusk and great interior photos. A total of 72 photos go onto the listing.
I will miss our back yard but not all the work that went with the inside and outside of this beast.

yep, gonna miss that…

I’ll miss grilling here…
Living room & dining room in the front, this had dark and light green walls before we repainted. So much brighter now.
Office just inside front entry, was builder white until now, this room was never a priority to get painted for some reason…
Kitchen was also dark and light green in addition to our dated black appliances…

Family Room, this was a very dark room we often called the cave, especially when it had brown sponge paint prior to the solid greens…
Game room in the basement, this was builder white until we painted to sell. We always had plans to add a bar and some great color themes…
Master bedroom, was a fleshy tan except for deep dark red behind the bed
Master bath was also tan with dark red on one wall across from the mirror. Much lighter now. Couldn’t figure what to do about the dated bronzed so hoped the colors and fixtures distracted from that 🙂






  1. We went through this same thing back eight years ago when we sold and hit the road. We did have someone come and paint the whole house a neutral color. But we thought we would let the buyer pick out the carpeting they wanted and a new stove for which we offered an incentive. But our realtor said people don’t want that. So we ended up putting in builder grade carpet and the cheapest stove they make and it sold (which saved us money). Your house reminds me of what we just bought (but with a much smaller yard and no grass) since we are cutting back our travel to 7 – 8 months a year. It’s a beautiful place and your photos are awesome. Good luck selling it!

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