farther west than Cape Blanco?

Our next stop is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, only 7 miles short of being the western most point in the lower 48 states. It amazes me how extreme the winters can get here, harder to believe when the days here are so nice in July! The hardships of working here in the winter must have been offset by the rest of the year since everyone that worked here did so for many, many years. You can get history on the lighthouse at http://www.capeblancoheritagesociety.com/cape-blanco-light-station/ 

Visitor center with the point and lighthouse, who put that ugly tower there? 🙂
The Freznel Lens is incredible, I’ve only seen pictures before visiting here.
thanks to technology, no more scrubbing the lens to remove smoke from the oil lamp every day


couldn’t ask for a clearer, nicer day. There’s that tower again 🙂
Looks like an awesome place to work unless you had to carry the oil cans in 100 mph winds in the winter!


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