you have to go out, but you don’t have to come back!

Our first Port Orford destination was the Lifeboat Museum. The site was once one of the US Coast Guard’s rescue stations that stood ready to help those in distress out in the Pacific. Because the ocean is so treacherous, every rescue carried a high risk that the Coast Guard sailors and the people they went to rescue may not make it back. In the winter, the winds can reach 100 mph and the waves must get incredibly high. The amount of effort that went into construction of this rescue station, the boathouse, dock, and the 500+ steps down to the boat house shows just how tough and dedicated everyone was. I can’t even imagine what it had to be like going down the steps on a dark night and the cold soaking they had to endure. The museum and grounds are a must see, I also enjoyed finding some of the nearby Geocaches here. The website has great information if you want to see more photos and information at

The dock was built at the bottom of a big hill will poor access for all of the equipment needed to pour the huge concrete sea wall. If you look close you can see a hiker and his down below.
Panorama of the fog burning off in Nellie’s Cove where the Boathouse & Dock were built
Looking southwest to the ocean from one of the three trails at the museum site.
The view to the northwest along the trail returning to the museum.
Alice harassing Mike about how he was making dog tags, helped me get a photo of everyone smiling at the same time.


Shortly after our visit, Mike was interviewed by Channel 16 in Eugene as part of a news spot on the Port Orford area. I would have been stuttering like Porky Pig, so I thought this video was great! Click on the photo to see the video.


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