big game near Orick, CA

After we left Yosemite, we got as far as a KOA in Petaluma California fairly late in the day. We pushed a lot of miles to get there since once we came off the Sierra’s we were back in triple digit temps until we got within 50 miles of San Francisco. The next morning we got going as we had a campsite reserved in Klamath, next stop on our way to Cape Blanco in Oregon to see my brother & sister inlaw. It was late in the afternoon and just before Orick I spotted some Elk just off the Redwood Highway. There was no way to get the RV stopped in time so I went down the road until I found a safe place to turn around. We came up this little side road and found a spot to park so I could catch these photos before they moved on to find a place to bed down for the night. The next priority was sending a few photos to my brothers, especially Jeff since he didn’t see many Elk last season, what else is a brother like me good for besides being obnoxious?

just a few of the ladies grazing just off the highway, where’s the bull?
besides the 25 cows on the left, there were at least 15 bulls on the right side of the trail!
beautiful herd!
all of the bulls had full velvet on the horns
I think this guy was in charge, and he was keeping the entire group under his close watch!
a few more bulls in another meadow
I think she was telling him what to do, I can relate!


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