klamath, not to be confused with Klamath Falls

I was hoping to catch a Jet Boat ride on the river and maybe even try some Salmon fishing while in Klamath, but the trip from Yosemite took far longer than I hoped. After an overnighter in Petaluma and then we didn’t get to Klamath until about 5:30pm. So we had just enough time to hook up and eat before it was dark. We stayed at Kamp Klamath and the next day was Indepenece day, looks like a great time was in the works for those camped here for the weekend. If we didn’t already have plans to make it to Port Orford by the 4th we would have stuck around for the party they had planned. There’s about four big campgrounds along the river and all of them offer some fishing and boating attractions I’d love to check out someday. This is another location to come back to once we become full timers! Check out http://www.kampklamath.com/ for more information. The website doesn’t have any information about the July 4th party, but it’s a regular thing if you want to plan an independence day outing. They have a BBQ every Saturday, give them a call if the website still does not have much information.

Beautiful campground, they were busy getting ready for a big independence day event the following day. They don’t have any details about the July 4th party on their website, but if you call them you can get all the details and plan a trip.
Upcycling at it’s best!
This tree lost much of it’s top, but the woods were so thick you couldn’t see what’s missing without getting in just the right spot.
A Ford pickup managed to fit through here , so Alice didn’t appreciate my trick photography making it look like she could reach the sides.
An 8 foot section of a Redwood trunk was used to build this restroom at the entrance to the attraction.


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