so hot the bricks are melted!

It seems most of the places you don’t get around to seeing are practically in your own backyard! Today we went and saw the Mystery Castle in Phoenix at the foot of South Mountain Park.

The home was built by Boyce Gully who left his family and disappeared after being diagnosed with Tuberculosis (fled partly because he didn’t want to die in a sanitarium). Like many people, he came to Arizona for the dry climate, hoping to gain a couple more years and not be a burden to his family.

The castle was basically built from what ever Boyce could scavenge around town. The materials I found mist interesting were the bricks that appeared to be melted. The guide told us that the bricks from from a local brickyard, rejected as scrap after overheating in the kiln.

After overcoming the Tuberculosis and becoming somewhat healthy for several years, Boyce was stricken with cancer and died before his family arrive to see him. One guide told us he waited until the cancer diagnosis to contact his wife & daughter, another said Boyce’s lawyer reached out after his death. In either case his wife and daughter moved to the castle after his death and both provided tours that continue now even after they both passed away. Definitely a place worth visiting. Here’s the website:

Here’s some photos from out visit…

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