back at Lost Dutchman State Park

Even though it’s only 16 miles from home, each time my brother comes to town he books a couple weeks at Lost Dutchman and we take our RV there and camp out. This year we met up on our Mom’s birthday so we gave her, Dad, Dave and Jeff a toast, wishing they could join us.

Besides having “a few drinks” we ran a lot of pellets through the smoker, first night was Brisket. I always have a hard time getting Brisket right but it came out pretty good this time.

Next night we smoked some Salmon.

And we experimented smoking Pecans with two flavors.

After all the years I’ve lived here I never get tired of the sunsets and I especially enjoy the shadows cast across the mountains.

We took the Jeep out on the Bull Dog Canyon Trail, to drive motorized vehicles you have to get a six month permit that gives you a monthly gate code to get in. The fee is only $6 to cover administrative costs.

Later we went to Tortilla Flat for lunch and then took the Apache Trail as far as the closure. There was a horrible wildfire a few years back, that led to massive flooding and rock slides during the next rains so the trail is closed just above Fish Creek Hill.

Fish Creek looking west
Fish Creek to the north, looking toward the destroyed road.

Someday I’m going to get back into hiking condition and take the trail up to Flat Iron Peak. The photos I see online are incredible, so in person must be eve better. Definitely on my bucket list.

Arrow pointing at Flat Iron Peak as seen from the campground
When I get in shape again, bucket list item is hike Siphon Trail leading to the top of Flat Iron Peak – Photo by I Love AZ
Up close with a person on top showing how tall Flat Iron Peak really is – Photo by Viv Williams

It was another wonderful trip to Lost Dutchman State Park, I’m sure Mike, Michelle, Kallie, Alice and I will be meeting up again there next winter.


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