forgive me father for I have sat… and sat…

It’s been more than a year since my last confession, errr I mean posting… After we got home from our multi-month severance tour, I managed to pick up a new job. I went from 6 weeks of vacation down to two and the projects had me working lots of hours and lots of business travel (24k miles + 36 nights in hotels). After nine months (and no vacation) an even better job came along and started over on the vacation counter. Then COVID19 came along, I was on track to rack up another 36k in flight miles and 8 more weeks in a hotel by now. With the internet bandwidth requirements for my job, not sure I could begin working on the road. I might test how well my hot spot works on the upcoming trip just in case that could work out, a guy could hope 🙂

Except for a drive to get an emissions test in October 2019, the RV has sat in storage with an occasional startup & run to full operating temperature. It’s been that busy since May 2019. I’ve finally built up a week of vacation so it’s time to get maintenance done for our next trip.

Before we go on the next trip, I have a fairly big to do list for the evenings:

  • Oil and filter change.
  • Fix muffler hanger, currently using a coat hanger to keep tailpipe off the ground after semi tire tread nearly pulled it under rear tires.
  • Replace six year old house batteries that finally bit the dust this year, amazing since batteries rarely last more than 2-3 years in Arizona.
  • Clean the fresh water tank and lines.
  • Finish installation on the stove vent so it will close all the way, old one fell out on a washboard road near Parker Canyon Lake.
  • Fix leaking Air Bag lines and fittings, those air bags make the ride so much nicer but started leaking out within 24-36 hours lately.
  • Replace antenna cable on the roof, damaged by a tree limb during a storm at Myrtle Beach.
  • A few other repairs I can’t recall from our trip to the Atlantic coast.

With that list of work I still miss being in the RV on the road and seeing new places. After 16 months we are so ready for any kind of trip in the RV and hoping for several more short trips until I can do early retirement in about four years. If I learn any new maintenance tricks I’ll be sure to share them.

Until I replace the 10 foot gate with a wider one, I’ll have to perform maintenance in the driveway. The headlights, grill and windshield have gotten so nasty!


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