back in the AZ…

We’ve driven home from Albuquerque many times in one day but eight hours would be a long ride in an RV. We got to Payson, only 90 miles from home but I realized that it was going to be dark soon and there’s some steep grades and sharp curves I’d rather not take at night. So it was late afternoon and we decided to stop in at the Payson Elks Lodge to see if there are any RV spots open, sure enough they had a place with full hookups.

One more night in the cool country before going home, whoo..hoo! Last day of our awesome trip, boo hoo!

One thing I realized on this trip was that having an RV with your own bed, familiar bedroom and living quarters makes for a much more restful night than a different hotel every night or every few nights travelling by air or car. Nothing against hotels (most of them anyway) but there’s nothing like having your own familiar bed every night when travelling. I’ve officially become an RV snob now even if it’s an old 1999 with more than 90,000 miles, it definitely served us well, way better than I ever expected when we won that Ebay auction back in 2012!

at the first rest stop inside the Arizona border on I-40
we racked up almost 7000 miles on this RV over the last 3 months, what a trooper
going to/from a car show? maybe someone’s new toys from an auction?
nice roomy campsites at the Elks Lodge in Payson

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