there’s the beef!

Our next stop is the Big Texan RV Ranch in Amarillo Texas, home of the 72 ounce steak and if you can finished it plus the side dishes in an hour it’s free. I’ve been wanting to stop here for years but not to take on a 4 pound steak myself, I just wanted to see the show and it was a show.

The really awesome part of staying at the Big Texan RV Ranch (for us) was our first (and free) ride in a limo to and from the restaurant. This is the ultimate Designated Driver for a couple who never did the limo thing for Prom or our Wedding. So the limo ride and watching people try to finish that steak was a fun night out.

A young man was seated next to us and we got to talking with him, he was on his way from San Diego to his next base in Virginia. Having a nephew in the Navy it wasn’t hard to guess what branch he was in. He seemed to miss home and I think he actually enjoyed talking with us elders. He too had wanted to eat here for quite some time and made the Big Texan a priority for his trip as well.

I was quite amazed how well all the contestants did, three came close to finishing in the 60 minutes and the one guy did it. Beware, if you don’t finish that meal is $84 before tax and tip.

The guy in the white shirt actually finished in less tan 60 minutes and got his free meal
time to check out and hit the road

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