if the spirit moves you…

After leaving Arkansas we headed west and stopped for the night at a Harvest Hosts winery in Norman Oklahoma. The place is named Native Spirits and they offer a large variety of wines and a nice selection of bar foods. I was surprised there weren’t grapes growing on the property, apparently they are sourcing local growers, a concept I’ve never seen. The owners are retired teachers that turned a hobby into a passion and you can tell they are having fun coming up with interesting flavors.

Naturally we bought a few bottles of wine and headed out to the RV to enjoy the evening after they closed. There were two other RV’s spending the night so we continued visiting outside with them until past 10pm. This was definitely a relaxing one night stop, no hookups and a fun, easy going place the spend a night. So far Harvest Hosts have been very impressive but I have to admit it’s so new to us and we are spending a bit more than campgrounds (but coming away with some great products and memories).

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