tornado warning!

We are on our way to Warm Springs to see the Clydesdales, will be going there in the morning. We found Katy Roundhouse campground after a long drive today. Making reservations the owner mentioned there was a tornado warning and said the restrooms would provide cover if we heard the sirens going off. Got into town just before sunset and saw the damage done by a major tornado a few years back, the town is still recovering. Beautiful campground by day, was a little creepy after dark with such eerie weather coming through. By morning it reminded me of the last tornado warning I went to bed as a kid before moving to Arizona, sirens never went off, slept great and breakfast was awesome!

Collected a ton of pollen just as we did near Raleigh North Carolina.
Opened the windows for breakfast, the weather was gorgeous!
Beautiful campground by day, the sites were a but rutted to walk around after dark
except for a couple long term campers, we almost had the place to ourselves
Looks like they have barbeques and bands from time to time, quiet weekday today

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