wedding on the beach…

Our nephew Chris and his fiance’ are getting married at Rocky Point and the family is Condo-Pooling at a great complex at the beach. Right next door to the complex is an interesting campground I will definitely be bringing the Rolling Turd to stay sometime in the future (hopefully not too distance future). This is the first time Alice and I have come to Mexico together and it sure beats working here. And I don’t have any pending bids for an RV on EBay this time!

We’ve had a great time at the Condo, on the beach and in town. The wedding reception was at Tekila Bar and we made a trip the local American Legion post. Definitely a place we both want to come back to whether renting a Condo again or bringing the RV.

At the bar, Bill & Barb photo bombing 🙂
View of the bar from our suite
The beach is so shallow that the tide goes at least 100 yards out from high tide.
Sunset wedding on the beach, wow…
Off to the wedding reception

One of the after parties back at the condo



As nice as the condo is, I definitely want to bring the RV here some day as well
Alice & her mom resting in between shops downtown
Breakfast at the post

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