time flies…

First weekend of April we were able to meet up with Mike & Michelle again before they left southern Arizona. They were staying at McDowell Mountain Park again as it was one of their favorites with the many trails to ride bikes or take some walks. I don’t know where the time went, we only got in one bike ride, a couple walks and another medallion for the hiking stick. We play a few games, had some drinks and snacks and next thing I knew the weekend was gone, what a great time! One thing is for sure is the views are great and I’d like to ride the trails next year!

McDowell Mountain Park has about 100 geocaches to find along the many trails. We only got around to finding 4 of them on this visit.
Four Peaks to the left, Superstition Mountains and canyons to the right. Lots of open space between sites, lots of tall grass so I’m a little worried about wild fires this year.
Mountains north of Bartlett and Horseshoe lakes. The shorter hills closer in the center form the canyon where Bartlett dam is built, a trip for another day…
a Quail is inspecting the electrical hookups at one of the vacant RV sites.
the sunset behind me is casting shadows on the mountains with several colors in the sky.
I really expected one of those sunsets that inspired the Arizona flag, this one was much brighter. Skies must be really clear and dust free…
Playing with almost a 360 panorama…

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