deer, fish and berries, life’s a beach!

Michelle’s sister Laura came down from Roseburg and got stuck being tour guide for a day while Mike & Michelle worked one of their days at the Lifeboat Museum. While we were getting ready to leave a doe came through the campground and was quite friendly and used to getting fed. After the doe left we hit the road and went to the Elk River Hatchery and I got to see some small Salmon (I’ve only been to Trout hatcheries so far). After that we went for a walk on the beach just south of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. After we got back to the campground we took another walk and picked some of the Blackberries that are just starting to ripen, looks like the bulk of them will ripen after we left.

the Doe was grazing before deciding to come up close
Alice got up closer than she ever has with the doe, I didn’t snap a photo until after I got done capturing a video.
Laura shared a little trail mix
sorry, I’m OCD about snapping photos of signs so I can read again later
some of the really little ones in the first pools
this was the largest bunch they had that day, about 6-7 inches in this pool
Sorry, I rarely get fresh blackberries, you get my photos…
worse than family albums, I give you another berry photo…
Cape Blanco Lighthouse in the distance
another one of my panoramas, if you download & open with Windows Image/Fax viewer you can zoom and pan, whoo hooo! 🙂


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