a funny thing happened on the way to the big freeze…

We had  a freeze warning and even though I drained the tanks and open the line drains, I figured I better blow out the lines just to be safe. I noticed a nice little air hose connector by the water heater bypass, awesome I can blow out the lines! Just to be extra safe, I opened the faucets so I wouldn’t blow a pipe out when I connected to my five gallon compressor.

To my surprise, the back of the RV came up 3 inches, holy cow! So now I discover I had airbags but a missing compressor the previous owner decided to keep, thanks buddy! After doing a little research, I found out no pressure on the airbags explains why we were bottoming out on the mis-matched expansion joints on those Louisiana bridges! My next project is adding fill valves to take care of the ride until I can afford to add a compressor with dash mounted height adjustment, on the cheap of course!


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