it’s 2013, Happy New Year!

it's 2013, Happy New Year!
wires going no where!

besides watching some games and enjoying the day off, I found time to finish a small project. During the trip, the brackets that held the TV collapsed on the rough bumps on the Lousianna portion of I-10. After we weighed the cost of upgrading to (and installing) a flat panel TV, we decided to stay with the 20″ old school TV. For the next few years we will be camping and taking short trips and we won’t use the TV enough to be worth the $150-$200 for a TV.

The TV does not receive digital signals and I had a spare digital TV converter. I hooked it up to the RV antenna that came with the Bounder and now we have TV for when we don’t have RV Park cable connection. The remote was missing for the TV, I found out today the TV was not orginal to the RV, it was made in 1993! I had an old universal remote from an old TV, I found the code and now it works with that old 20″ dinosaur!

The DVD/VCR in the Bounder was not original and only had video and SVideo connection, no antenna in or out! It was just laying in the cabinet by the last owner. I remembered I have a Video to RF converter in my electronics drawer in the garage, just what I need to make that DVD player work with the old TV. Now all video sources can be watched on the TV.

To secure the TV, I built a new mounting pad with some spare wood, I beefed it up to so it will handle rough gravel roads where we go camping in the summer. Everything on this project was completed with stuff I would have sold at the next garage sale, so this was almost a no cost fix/upgrade, RV Cheaper!!!

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