Vicksburg Military Park

I’ve been to Gettysburg, Arlington and several other places that pay homage to the sacrifice and service veterans have given to our country. I don’t care what your feelings are about the justification for any past wars, which side was right or wrong in the end. The one thing that always comes to mind for me is that many people gave their lives, limbs, mental health and their families sacrificed for the cause of that era. Visiting these places just brings about so many feelings, humbles me beyond anything else, and makes any problem I ever thought I had, seem so minor.

Like Arlington and Gettysburg, Vicksburg, the USS Cairo all made me thankful, humbled and honored to be a citizen of the United States and for all that was given by so many. Here’s some photos which looking at them here doesn’t even come close to the color, beauty and reverence I felt while visiting. If you have the chance, make this a place to see in person.

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