the severance RV tour begins, Cerro De La Virgen…

After several little delays we are finally hitting the road on the epic RV trip, a little taste of what retirement will be like with what I’m calling the “Severance Tour”, a retirees in training adventure. We are heading for Corpus Christie Texas, then along the Gulf Coast until we find the path we want to take to Savannah Georgia. Not sure how far north along the Atlantic coast we will get before heading back west on our way back home sometime near the beginning of May before the severance checks end and adulthood has to kick back in.

Our first stop is Sierra Vista, some Wisconsin cousins are staying there for the winter and invited us to do some sight seeing with them. We will be parking the RV at the Elks in Sierra Vista for a few days. Since I didn’t find a toad before leaving town, we will be catching a ride with the cousins instead of touring local spots in the RV.

The first place we went to see was Cerro De La Virgen, aka Our Lady of the Sierras.

The cross is 75 feet tall and the statue is 31 feet.



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