what a year 2018 turned out to be…

After a 16 month search, we found a new home base, just in time before getting laid off November 16th. After getting back home from Texas back in March, I found out about the strange nine month adventure that is coming to a close next month. With a white hot seller’s market, it was a long road to find a place we liked and also be able to park the RV at home for maintenance between trips. With 2×6 walls and tons of other energy saving upgrades, we should have awesome utility bills when we are home or on trips in the RV after I can retire in a few years.


We were outbid several times on some nice places but very happy with the place we found.

This was my favorite, the RV garage had more square feet than the house!


This was my second favorite but was snapped up before we could get out to see it or make an offer.
This one was the closest to family, largest in town lot but we got outbid by a long shot.
Back yard on this one was like a jungle resort, house was nice and with a full price offer we would have got this one. But needed major roofing work and our offer was keeping us at market value after repairs.
Several bids here, someone was in for a lot of expensive work on top of a premium price.






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