escaping the heat with some of the family

Since we have not retired and my career is not setup for full time RV life, we are still desert dwellers in Arizona. We are still working on painting projects that are taking longer than they should, but fitting in with life as it unfolds. With efforts to get the house ready to sell, we have not gone camping since November and desperately needed to escape the 100-105 degree heat at home. Thanks to the diverse climates within Arizona’s borders we only had to go 120 miles from home to get into 68 degree weather for three nights. Our daughter Carla and her family had vacation days to use up and I already had vacation during the week following Memorial day, so we decided to do a four day camping trip. We planned to go up on the day after Memorial Day so we could miss the crazy highways and crowded campgrounds, this made it an awesome week!

Our son Craig is overseas in the Air Force and his wife could not get time off that week so we brought their kids with us so the four youngest cousins could have fun together in the woods. This was an awesome week although us desert rats were cold each night with lows in the 40’s.

The kids played low-tech, non-electronic games by day and we let them play some electronic games in the morning, but only the ones that kept them active with each other before breakfast. They seemed to have a great time.

Outdoor games
Played some UNO and Rook card games.


Somehow the bubbles managed to survive 25-30 yards before popping!

With the frequent rain showers lately, we were able to have camp fires and the kids and adults were able to enjoy hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire and of course Smores! It still amazes me that only a mile south of us the terrain drops 2000-2500 feet below the Mogollon Rim into the lower deserts where temps are 95-105 degrees and the fire restrictions have been in place for weeks. That drop off also creates the wetter climate on top, strangely the clouds can’t move south of the rim most of the time. Monsoons can’t wet the desert until they come north from the Gulf of Mexico between mid to late August.

Everyone shared their favorite part of the day and the boys played charades
Marshmallow Face!
Mesmerized by the fire

We opted for a developed campground since the kids haven’t been camping a lot and the boon docking locations have restrictions on campfires. We chose Canyon Point since it’s pretty much the coolest and highest elevation at 7700 feet. Forecasts predicted 77/50 with little or no rain. We were lucky and had one or two light showers each day and the temps were 68/40 instead. It was a little chilly in the mornings even in our RV (never fired up furnace) but that was welcome after a few weeks of heat back home. With my outdoor kitchen fully furnished now, we had some great meals, more on that on a later post.

Canyon Point campground is very roomy, has 29 electric sites, all of them in loop A. If you have an RV greater than 30 feet, I recommend picking a pull through or long back in site on the outside of either loop. Sites inside of the loops do have plenty of space, but the outside sites have no one within 100 feet behind into the woods.
By the third day, daytime naps were the norm.

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