gotta pack some more to paint some more…

We managed to get the basement, stairwell, hallway, downstairs bedroom and bathroom painted, but getting real tired of moving things around to continue painting. Time to pack some more and get it to storage, so I decided it was time to pack my precious neon signs. Amazingly I scrounged up a little creativity from my dad to create some wooden boxes to protect and store them. I’m not sure if we will have a place to put them but they are one of the things we are holding onto, for a while at least…

Our Bud Light motion light. Front Living room is still green and the tallest walls to paint, ugggh…
I decided to use 3/8″ panels with wood bracing to protect the glass tubes.
closed up & I decided to add some handles. we did get started on cutting trim on baseboards on this family room.
not bad for a sloppy woodworker, there’s hope for me yet…




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