visiting family in southern Wisconsin

It’s really strange how Alice & I came to meet in Arizona with us both having roots in Wisconsin, the challenge after getting married was dividing time between the families only because mine is up north and Alice’s down south. Two weeks of vacation has never been enough to see everyone we want to see. One thing that makes it easier to see more of them is coming to a family reunion, it also makes for even more fun with so many personalities at the same place.

Seems every Wisconsin family reunion must have at least one bonfire!
We brought our Speak-Out game, kick up the bonfire fun another notch!
Lots of fun games for the kids…
Can’t have a game without spectators…
and meals are a serious matter…
cook shack is a re-purposed travel trailer
with a 42 griddle and two large refrigerators, that’s one serious cook shack!
The reunion has gotten so big, they have to rent a hall with RV parking across the street, some event!
We got to tour a milking parlor, 3000+ cows each milking 4 times a day, 24×7!
We always stop at Elephant Rock, it’s a ritual…
Stopped at the Richland County Veterans Honor Roll
Stopped at the Richland County Veterans Honor Roll
Alice’s family farm until 1959
Jaxon’s Brew Crew Ballpark, a great fun raiser each year for local Cancer victims.


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  1. We spent our summer in northern WI on family lake front property and loved it. We’ll be doing a repeat this summer. Winters in AZ and summers in WI is working out really well. Looks like you had a great time catching up with family.

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