the fixx, yes one thing does lead to another…

I thought I’d have a break from projects once the bedroom shades were done, but Alice became anxious to get rid of more flower print. Alice got some more of the gray leather like vinyl and we started on the valances in the front. Altogether this partial remodel of Roman shades, valances and other trim has only set us back $350, so the wallet is calmer and only my back is complaining now…

I should have ran for cover but, one thing leads to another… We were recovering the shelf behind the couch, another next to the passenger seat and then on to the trim on the bedroom nightstands… So we are to the point where the only flower prints we have are the seats and wallpaper border. The wrong word goes in the right ear and one thing leads to another. Is that song stuck in your head yet? 🙂

the trim for the sliding bedroom door, no more flowers!
the gray helps make the light oak seem just a little less dated…
a good stapler is all it takes to exterminate those nasty prints…
away with the scrunchy border, one color nice and simple
the was…
the is…
daytime with blinds up…
Found these awesome sconces to replace the old lamp shades at
just a little more deflowering in my future…
the shelf and drink holder on the passenger side is now a little calmer…
the trim that fills gaps between cabinets and walls is badly cracked…
cracked trim replaced with gray vinyl piping idea Alice came up with since we could not find replacement trim. I’m thinking the piping is better looking…
bedroom nightstands looking much better…


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