in search of Romanesque shades part I

I was so thrilled with the bargain we got on our RV that I managed to look beyond the flowery 60’s trim but, doing so I do go cross-eyed… Every time I walk into the RV, the fitting name for our RV would be Grandma Gertrude… that’s just not happening! To my relief the Arizona sun has taken it’s toll on the not so Romanesque, Roman shades in the bedroom. The backing and draw string loops are coming apart since this rig is now 18 years old.

Flowers that really take you back in time, had to be farther back than 1998!


valances and shades with the same flower pattern, let’s wear plaid on plaid…
Back side is peeling and coming apart, condensation stains can be seen through the dark tinted windows…


the loops have broken loose, the shades come up almost sideways now, the Arizona sun did these in really fast!

So Alice I began talking about window treatments and wondering how much we want to put into this RV to carry us through the next 3-5 years until we are ready to upgrade. We looked at pleated shades as well as the popular MCD Shades. After a while we decided we like the idea of keeping Roman shades in the bedroom and the front of the RV has decent blinds and we can match up the new valances fairly cheap. We began shopping upholstery material to modernize our bedroom and going DIY should keep it affordable. Here’s a few of the colors we almost settled on, they are nice but just didn’t ring our bell.

Burnt Orange valance and Southwestern shades, not quite Romanesque yet…
Cloth strip pattern Valance, tan shades, not too bad, but not quite…
Brown vinyl valance with tan shades, warm, not too busy… but not quite what she wants yet…










I’ve removed the valances and shades from the bedroom and Alice is busy measuring and planning. This post is part one of what’s definitely going to be a series, we are going to shop some more colors, learn how to recover our valances and Alice is going to tackle making new Roman shades for the bedroom. Yeah, that just about proves we are still rookie freshmen in the RV game, more to come…



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