recycle, regift, tis the season!

When I found out my old generator had not seized up I had high hopes of getting it running and selling it for $450-$500 to offset some of the cost of the new one. My brother Mike helped me set up a test stand, we cleaned up some parts and fixed various electrical connections. But it wasn’t meant to be, the fuel pump was shot and the starter didn’t have enough umph to get it cranking fast enough.

At 1900+ hours it would be pretty expensive to get it going again with little hope of becoming it’s former self. So I posted it on Craigslist for $150 and hoped I could get $75. By the next morning a guy that rebuilds generators contacted me, came out to see it and offered me $100!

He said what I already knew, it takes about three old generators to make one good one, so mine was going to the right place. So instead of regifting my fruitcake, I recycled it to save a few good parts for someone else and the rest will get recycled for scrap value.


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