it’s curtains for you, you tiny shower…

One feature I’d change for sure on our next RV would have to be the shower! Where we usually go it’s always a brisk in the morning and the last thing I want is a wet, colder shower curtain jumping out and clinging to me like a Cholla cactus! I don’t know why I it took me more than 8 seconds to decide, but it took several showers to go buy an Extend-A-Shower. They run about $40 and if you are a big cheapskate like me, you can hold out for the best price at Amazon or Camping World while you continue getting violated by a clingy shower curtain.
The Extend-A-Shower added so much shoulder and elbow room, if I wasn’t such a cheapskate I would have put on in months sooner!
One problem I did have was the mounting. I could not use the old shower rod location and the fiberglass walls weren’t going to handle the weight. I found a solid spot to mount outside the shower. The trim along the shower also provides support for the brackets so all the weight isn’t on the mounting screws. It didn’t take long to find out the curtain wouldn’t prevent water from splashing on the floor. Next I added a cup hook 5 inches inside the wall at both ends of the shower so the curtain and water stays inside. In fact the damp shower walls make the curtain stick to the wall instead of me and no more leaks into the bathroom!
I added a cup hook 5 inches inside the wall at both ends of the shower so the curtain and water stays inside!
What’s really nice is now the shower curtain easily folds into the shower area and makes more space at the sink. Next RV I plan to have a large corner shower with a door, but with this gadget I know I can survive until then, cheers! 🙂
Folding in makes extra space at the sink while the curtain dries out.


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