routine is not so routine when maintaining an RV!

T’is the season for knocking out the list of maintenance and repairs. I heard it never ends with an RV and our RV must be listening really well! In addition to the 5,000 mile oil change, it was time for a coolant flush, recharge the A/C due to a leaky valve, replace a broken A/C vent and some extra’s I thought I’d share.

I have become afraid to drive the RV after dark, the headlights were yellow and so cloudy I could look at the beam from a couple feet away. No more, the headlights are bright and I can see the road again! Sorry, I didn’t take a before photo since I was sure I’d be replacing the headlights!


Window cleaner just wasn’t cutting through the buildup (you can see some still on the rubber trim on passenger side). So I took a buffer to the windshield and hopefully this will reduce the glare we had on that huge wall of glass!
The generator I got back in 2013 was due for it’s first 20 hour oil change. Almost 2 years, first oil change, I’ve been picking cool destinations! After looking up oil grade, etc I found a log at the back of the manual. I decided I wanted my oil change history a little easier for me to find…


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